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Designer Ms. Sofia J. was born under the sign of leo, and for her the most inspiring architect is Mies Van der Rohe.


The native of San Juan, a Renaissance lady, studied at one of the most prestigious institutions to educate artists and creative professionals, Pratt Institute in New York where she earned a Bachelor of Architecture, then she obtained a Juris Doctors from the Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico. This places and people had shaped the person she is today, but above all they have filled her with big dreams, friendships and ideas.


Today she is dedicated to creative jewelry making, she has developed a line which is distinguished by its organic shapes, textures, vibrance and  dimensionality.


sofia tort jewelry designer

"This is not about becoming famous (amazing if it happens), it’s about people loving and wanting to wear my products. It’s about experimenting with new materials and methods, about creating new concepts and stories and translating them into beautiful pieces of art that a human being can wear and loves to wear. It’s about relevance. It’s about integrating the admirer with the process. It’s about showing others what can be achieved with tools not designed for this purpose. It’s about involving you so that you want to know more. It’s not about me, its about what I can do. It’s about creating a new kind of jewelry." -Ms. Sofia Tort (Feb. 25, 2018)


Sofia’s signature design, the "Cola Earrings", are inspired by the plant known in Puerto Rico as a "cola de pescao’'', the Designer wanted to express through the material, metal and in some instances acrylic, the movements of the plant when the elements caress it. Likewise the earrings are created so that when a person is wearing them there’s an apparent play with light, motion, brightness and dimensions, creating a different effect with every movement. 


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